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Principal Rob Deutscher is a passionate and capable Architect and Urban Designer with a strong belief in strategic and integrated thinking to produce outcomes that engage with people and the principles of good design; outcomes that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Rob has extensive professional experience and knowledge derived from a wide variety of projects in a diversity of locations. – both within Australia and Asia. This experience at a senior level includes architecture, - from concept / feasibility through to implementation, and urban design at a multiple range of scales and complexities. He has been successful in winning a number international competitions in China.

Rob is very capable at leading multi-disciplinary teams and has extensive experience in PPP delivery from the bid side, reference project side and the delivery side. He played a strategic role in the bidding and delivery of LEAP 2 Single Soldier Accommodation for 3000 ADF personnel across 14 Defence bases around Australia for Plenary Living.

He was also part of the bid team for the Mitcham and Frankston Freeway Project and on the Reference Project Team for a major office development in Canberra. Earlier in his career he lead the design team on two international airport expansion projects – Melbourne and Christchurch.

He has high level skills in providing strategic inputs for projects and negotiating positive outcomes with institutional and multi stakeholder groups. He is considered as a ‘subject matter’ expert in Urban Design matters through his membership of Government and University Panels and representing clients at VCAT.

Rob maintains an active involvement in teaching at the University of Melbourne and in advocacy for good design outcomes. Most recently he was the Studio Leader for the inaugural Summer School run jointly by the Robin Boyd Foundation and Melbourne University.

Key skill areas include - urban design, architectural design, strategy around project start up, project leadership, project advocacy, providing evidence based support for decision making with institutional clients, negotiating with multiple stakeholders and working with statutory planning outcomes.


“We find Mr Deutscher’s evidence on the building’s architecture to be well reasoned and balanced.”VCATdecision Richmond Icon v City of Yarra
“…we have given greater weight to Mr Deutscher’s evidence.”VCAT decision on Dimmeys
Urban thinking provides the tools to craft the spaces that our cities need..